Signs to look out for Oral Cancer

You may not know but at every dental health check we don’t just check your teeth but we also check your mouth and neck for any signs of oral cancer.
Oral cancer can easily remain undetected for some time as the mouth is a difficult place for us to self-examine at home.
No one is better placed than your dentist to screen for any signs at every dental recall appointment.

Some sings to look out for:

• Ulcers that do not heal
• Pain in your mouth
• Lumps in your mouth/neck
• Red or White patches
• Difficulty swallowing
• Changes in your speech
• Loose teeth for no apparent reason
• Weight loss
Oral Cancer can present in many different ways and whilst there are certain risk factors involved it can affect anybody, in the UK more than 7500 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year.  Early detection and prevention are key to saving thousands of lives.
You can rest assured that at your check ups we check your Oral Health and not just your Dental Health. We are also able to discuss the risk factors, how to live healthier lifestyles and discuss what to look out for.
We aim to lower the number of lives mouth cancer effects.

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