Traditional Dentistry

We’re not just about Cosmetic Dentistry procedures. At Black Swan Dental Spa we provide the highest level of dental care for all the family including consultations, regular health checks & x-rays and routine dental care such as fillings.


We understand how some people feel about visiting the dentist and we are keen to turn each visit into a positive encounter. We want to make coming to see us an enjoyable experience where you leave feeling listened to, privileged, pampered and part of something special – and excited about your next visit! All our prospective clients are invited to a complimentary consultation where they can visit the practice and meet the staff.  In a non-clinical environment they can discuss their dental issues and concerns and find out about the most appropriate treatments that are available.

Regular Health Check & X-Rays

During your regular health review we will listen to your concerns, after which a full oral health assessment will be carried out. This is where the teeth, the gums and an oral cancer screen is done as standard. Digital X-rays will be taken and all issues will be discussed. We also give you a virtual tour of your mouth, using the latest in intraoral camera technology, highlighting any issues that may arise. Any required intervention is then discussed and a Treatment plan will be formulated with a full breakdown of costs.

Dental Spa

Dental SPa

Dental Spa

Dental Spa

White Filling Materials

Also known as composites, filling materials have come of age over these past few years. They are aesthetically pleasing and the latest layering techniques allow the restoration to mimic the layers that occur naturally in our own teeth. Latest technology now allows the filling to be indiscernible from your original tooth, with virtually seamless finishing.

Due to the advancements of durability and strength they now have, they are considered a real alternative to other unsightly fillings. This results in a filling that is as durable as conventional amalgam fillings but with the added advantage of improved appearance.

Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is required when the blood or nerve supply to the tooth has been affected by trauma, infection or decay. This may or may not be accompanied by symptoms of pain.

Inside each tooth is the pulp, which provides the nutrients (in the blood supply) and nerves to the tooth. It appears like a thread running through the tooth. Depending on the tooth anatomy will dictate the number of roots the tooth has and therefore the number of canals present. When the pulp becomes diseased or infected due to various events, it dies. At this stage the pulp will then be removed, the canals cleaned and the tooth sealed. The tooth may then be crowned in order to protect it, depending on the amount of tooth structure that is remaining.