Facial Rejuvenation in Somerset

Facial Rejunvenation - woman with magnifying glass showing ageing skin

As well as creating beautiful smiles, Black Swan Dental Spa also offers a Facial Rejuvenation service. We know how important it is to look and feel bright and fresh, and it’s not just your smile that can make you feel good when you look in the mirror. We offer a range of facial rejuvenation treatments including Botox in Somerset.

Our face is on show at all times. Signs of ageing and sun damage can contribute to low confidence and how we feel about ourselves. Our simple, beautifying facial treatments can be all it takes to restore a youthful appearance and give you back your confidence. Facial rejuvenation doesn’t have to involve extensive cosmetic surgery. At Black Swan Dental Spa, we have a range of naturally enhancing treatment options to help you look and feel your best.

Our beautifying treatments include dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, non-surgical facelifts and Botox. Our range of treatments can help smooth out those niggling wrinkles and lines, replenishing your natural youthful appearance.

Our facial rejuvenation treatments can help:

  • Smooth facial lines (Botox)
  • Tighten saggy skin
  • Reduce jowls
  • Facial slimming
  • Reshape noses
  • Enhance lips with lip fillers
  • Add natural volume and fullness to cheeks
  • Reduce gummy smiles
  • Migraine relief
  • Brighten tired looking eyes

Looking and feeling bright and fresh brings out the very best in you.

Book a free consultation with our treatment coordinator to find out how easy it is to look and feel bright and fresh again.

Lip Fillers Somerset

Nothing is more important for our face than a natural smile. There are many reasons why people are unhappy with the shape and size of their lips. Natural ageing causes lips to lose their fullness and definition. Covering it up with lipstick doesn’t always work as lipstick bleeds into natural vertical wrinkles.

Our lip fillers are the perfect solution. Designed to restore natural fullness to the lips, lip fillers leave you with a more natural looking smile. We can help you achieve fuller, more defined, beautifully shaped lips with our lip filler treatments. We only use the most advanced fillers available to give you perfect lips safely.

For more youthful looking, plumper lips, why not try the best lip fillers Somerset has to offer.

See our Price list for more information.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

There are many ways to reduce lines and wrinkles, so to establish the best course of treatment why not book a relaxed and informative consultation with our highly experienced cosmetic dentist and facial rejuvenation expert Lauren Harrhy.

Dr. Lauren Harrhy is the principal of her own dental practice in South Wales but we are delighted to have her join the Black Swan Team monthly for all our patients’ facial aesthetics needs. Working in Facial Aesthetics for the last 6 years, developing extensive knowledge, precision, and a gentle touch, Dr. Lauren is a talented and well respected Facial Aesthetics practitioner.

So if it’s a droopy eyebrow, saggy jowls, a bumpy nose, thin lips, flat cheeks, crow’s feet, a wrinkled forehead or angry frown lines that are concerning you, why not contact us now for a complimentary virtual consultation and discover how we can enhance your youthful appearance.

Procedures normally take 30 minutes, depending on the areas being treated, and the results can last up to 6 months. Facial rejuvenation treatments start from £195.

See our Price list for more information.

For all of your facial rejuvenation treatments including Botox in Somerset, don’t hesitate to come and see us at our professional and stylish practice in Crewkerne. We promise you’ll love the results.

Facial rejuvenation eye treatment before and after photos

Facial rejuvenation forehead before photo Facial rejuvenation botox after photo