Busting Popular Dental Myths

Dentists aren’t necessarily peoples dream destination and this is sometimes due to what people ‘think’ they know about them, it is my ambition to put some of these dental myths to bed with some straight up hard facts.

  1. For instance, the popular ‘fact’ that having dental x-rays are a sure way to contract radiation poisoning is a complete misrepresentation of reality. Did you know that the general set of x-rays that your dentist takes every 6 months to two years has the equivalent radiation level of sitting in your garden for the day admiring the flowers? No I bet you didn’t, but now you do doesn’t it make the whole thing seem a lot less scary or are you just never going to venture outside again? It’s the same level of radiation as a two-hour flight. I can literally feel your worries flying away. Dental x-rays are a key way of diagnosing a problem but also of maintaining the health of your teeth and previous dental work. So, if anything, there doing you good not bad.
  2. The next dental myth I want to clear up for you is the supposed fact that bleaching your teeth causes damage to them. This is inaccurate to say the least, dental bleaching if done correctly should have no negative effect on your teeth at all. A bunch of studies by many different scientists have been carried out to prove it causes damage, but they just can’t, the level of bleach is so low it couldn’t hurt a fly. They have even tested it to see if it would have any long-lasting effect on the body, but nope its safe whichever way you look at it. In fact, most dentists would agree that dental whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve your smile, see now isn’t it easy for you to show off your pearly whites.
  3. So, another dental ‘fact’ people would like to tell you is that flossing isn’t important. WRONG!!! Flossing correctly is in fact vital to a healthy mouth. I know the shock is unreal. But seriously flossing stops plaque build-up in the tricky to reach places your toothbrush just can’t access. The key to healthy gums is floss, floss, floss some more once a day minimal. If you do floss the evenings are the best time to do it. So, after brushing whip out the floss and give it a whirl you can do it, it’s really not that difficult once you have the hang of it, but if you are struggling just ask the hygienist next time you visit they will be more than happy to give you a helping hand. Also as a side note if your gums are bleeding this is not an indication to stop this is a sign from your body to day you are reaching the right places and calming down the inflammation.
  4. Along with looking after your teeth people sometimes think they way to look after your teeth is just to brush them 1000 times a day thus eliminating any plaque. This although helpful in the plaque removing department can be a hazard to your teeth. Brushing forcefully more than three times a day can cause wear. This means that instead of just removing the plaque you could also be removing your tooth surface too, and after looking after them so well this would be an awful shame. The best way to look after your teeth is to brush twice a day morning and night with a small headed toothbrush to make sure your spending the correct time on each tooth.
  5. So, ladies, pregnancy is an exciting and busy time in one’s life however unlike popular belief now is not the time to miss out on a dental check-up. In fact, it’s a good time to spend extra care and attention to your pearly whites. The imbalance of hormones during pregnancy can affect your bodies response to plaque this can cause more bleeding from your gums so brushing and flossing are ‘EXTREMELY’ important to keep on top of. Having a good oral health routine can help to limit this but it is normal to expect some bleeding from your gums during this time.
  6. Right, you have just finished brushing your teeth and flossing so now you’re just going to grab some water and flush out all that useless toothpaste left over. NO, toothpaste is made with fluoride which helps to fight against decay, reduce the acid on your teeth and strengthens the enamel (outer layer of tooth). If your washing out your mouth every time you brush you’re effectively washing away all the help its giving you. For fluoride to affect your teeth it must be on your teeth, it’s best if you can leave it for at least half an hour before you have a drink or something to eat.

Well there you go I hope this clears things up a bit for. Knowledge means power so now you know all of this let it empower you to come in. Remember the dentist may not be your favourite place to visit but don’t let it be your worst. Like any healthcare establishment we want what’s best for you and your health. We strive to make it a happy, relaxed environment for everyone.

At the end of the day we just want people to smile with confidence so pop in and have a chat we don’t bite.

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