Wisdom teeth have a bad reputation


Wisdom teeth have a bad reputation and yes they can cause problems, although commonly they can erupt uneventfully causing no problems at all – giving you another tooth to share the load with your other pearly whites.
So we thought this month it would be useful for our patients to know any warning signs to look out for if you happen to have wisdom teeth coming through or have ever been told they are ‘impacted’

Sometimes wisdom teeth can cause:

– pain, throbbing sensation at the back of the mouth
– food trapping at back of mouth and areas that are difficult to clean
– swelling or tenderness around the gum behind your back teeth
– swelling around the jaw area
– limited mouth opening
– headaches

While pain and problems from wisdom teeth erupting can be problematic enough they can have further consequences such as:

– They can cause damage to adjacent teeth. The last thing you want is to end up having problems in a perfectly healthy tooth due to an impacted wisdom tooth.
– They are notoriously difficult to clean which means they are at greater risk of decay and gum disease
If you believe you have any problems with your wisdom teeth, are unsure you even have them or would like yours checked please do not hesitate to pop in to the Spa and let one of dentists check this for you at an examination appointment.
Good cleaning around wisdom teeth is paramount in limiting risks of complications so please ensure you are seeing a hygienist regularly for cleans and to give you the knowledge you need to clean properly at home.
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