Always improving the perfect patient journey

For The Spear Academy based in Arizona is one of the biggest dental educational institutions in the world and back in June 5 members of the Black Swan team had the privilege to attend their 2 day course on the perfect patient journey. This helped cover various topics and training on how to look after your patients to the best ability, the ability to cater for a wider clientele and the ability for them to understand how we can help treat even more problems and continue to raise our standards even higher with both the customer service experience and the dental treatment itself. Our clinical staff all received extensive photography training to allow them to be able to help the dentists further with their care for our patients.

This was an amazing experience for them all to be able to learn from some of the best teachers around the world but also experience a different side to dental education in an amazing facility and help to inspire us all back in the UK even further. We have started to implement a few of these changes already and you will all start to see how much more improved your care, customer service experience and dentistry will be as we always continuously look to raise our standards as one of the best dental practices in the UK for care and quality.

Zoe, Ruth, Sharon, Claire and Julia all came back brimming with ideas and confidence and presented to the rest of the team their new found knowledge moving forward which was very well received by the rest of the team.

3 of our dentists have also just taken the same step and travelled abroad to Arizona to take their knowledge base even higher. We look forward to hearing from Ahmad, Menna and Steve when they come back about all the new skills they will be bringing back with them.  They look like they’re having fun already!

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