Fancy a massage with your filling?

The most comfort our memories will ever give us when we think of the dreaded ‘dentist’ is thinking back to the famous fish tank serenading in a busy but compact waiting room all those years ago but has such an important part of our health started to finally move on with the modern times?

The fear factor has played havoc with many of our past experiences and will continue to do so until one day we get the courage to face up to them or realise that there other alternative options finally available that do not correspond with our past memories and we can finally start to replace them.

We can all appreciate there is no real substitute for oral health and the ability to eat whatever we want without having to think about it is something that a lot of us thankfully take for granted but there is a growing section of society that do not enjoy this benefit and really do struggle with one of life’s most amazing pleasures. Imagine the lack of texture and taste of all your most loved cuisines. Imagine not being able to bite into your favourite fruit and taste it just the way you like every morning or the ability to smell the aroma of that perfect summer barbecue and not actually be able to savour the moment.

Unfortunately this is more common than we think and represents a large portion of patients that present to most dental practices around the country and certainly here at the Black Swan Dental Spa. The biggest factor that contributes to most people coming to the dentist is pain as a result of anxiety and fear that has been built up over a long period of time and has now reached a stage where it is unbearable.

Has modern dentistry improved? What changes have now taken effect? Even the worst procedures in the past have improved significantly and alternatives to help you be as pain free and relaxed as possible are now a true reality! Imagine being able to watch a film using your own private cinematic glasses whilst your teeth are being cared for and to literally not feel a thing during the entire procedure? Imagine being able to fall asleep due to the comfort levels in a long appointment such as root canal or a dental implant? These are now genuinely real scenarios that patients can expect to experience in some dental practices around the UK including Black Swan Dental Spa.

The anxiety factor is a huge factor and affects a large number of people but maybe it is time to consider re-looking at how the experience may have moved on. Oral health is such a huge part of our lives and even if it has to start by building up the courage and visiting the hygienist for an initial appointment to ease you back into the environment then that will be a huge step in itself. Let us not under estimate the small steps we take and the effect it will have on our overall well being and happiness generally about our health.

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