Dental Phobia

many people have a serious fear of going to the dentist but there are ways of overcoming your fear.

for some people its the thought that the treatment will hurt, that they feel out of control or that some sounds and smells may remind them of a bad childhood experience.

some people have such bad dental phobia that they haven’t seen a dentist for years. its common for someone in their twenties or thirties or even older to have avoided the dentist since their childhood.

however, with a combination of kindness and gentleness it is possible for dental professionals to make receiving dental treatment stress free.

if you havent seen a dentist for several years because of fear or anxiety, be reassured that it is possible to find the experience more bearable and even enjoyable.

dental surgeries can have a much friendlier environment, with flowers in the waiting room, art on the walls, a pleasant reception and polite staff, altogether a much gentler experience. of course, you’ll still have the sounds of the dental surgery but these are less noticeable than they used to be, with instruments hidden from sight and background music playing. even drills aren’t as noisey as they used to be.

advances in technology have also improved dentistry. treatment can now be completely painless when time is spent with the patient, and any treatment explained in a way the patient can understand.

if you’re anxious about seeing the dentist, here are some tips to help ease your fear.

1. ensure you are seeing an understanding dentist who is used to treating nervous patients. all the dentists at black swan are very well trained in this area, they also have the time to spend with you to provide patient centred treatment.

2. ask to visit the surgery to have a look around prior to your appointment, meet the receptionists and dentists and see the environment. tell the practice you are nervous so they are aware before your appointment. feel free to book a complimentary appointment with our treatment co-ordinator to chat through your concerns.

3. pick an appointment earlier in the morning so that you have less time to dwell on it.

4. bring a friend with you to your appointment if you feel this would help. we have no problem with them accompanying you throughout the appointment.

5. your initial appointment will be for an examination so will be very relaxed and a chance to get to know everyone so there is no need to worry.

if you have any worries or fears about dental treatment please feel free to book an appointment with our treatment co-ordinator who will spend the time discussing your concerns and will put your mind at ease about dentistry.

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