Six Month Smiles – An Alternative to Train Track Style Braces

Patients who are worried about the stigma of wearing ‘train-track’ style Dental Braces as an adult can now benefit from aesthetically pleasing white-coloured braces – Six Month Smiles.

This system reduces orthodontic treatment time to around 6-9 months by concentrating only on straightening the teeth that are visible when smiling. Traditional braces, on the other end of the spectrum, straighten all the teeth in the mouth, with treatment time usually lasting for around 18-24 months.

Six Month Smiles can be used to treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems, including crowding, crossbites, overbites and gaps between teeth.

The discreet white wires and brackets used in Six Month Smiles provide a subtle solution, all with the added benefit of minimised discomfort and pain due to the gentle nature of the procedure throughout its duration.

Following the completion of the six month period, patients will be asked to wear retainers to reduce the risk of relapse. This is due to the teeth’s natural tendency to move back to their previous position. All orthodontic procedures require patients to wear retainers after the treatment is completed. Your dentist will fit a permanent bonded retainer on the back surfaces of the teeth to ensure the best results.

Six Month Smiles are affordable, safe and effective treatment options. For more information please phone us.

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