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Payment Options
We want all our patients to have the smile they’ve always wanted and we do not want cost to prevent you from having healthy teeth and gums. Therefore we offer a range of payment options to suit you:

  • Pay as you go - Pay on the day you have treatments carried out.
  • 5% discount - Receive a 5% discount on the total cost of your treatment when paid for prior to commencement of treatment in one go (minimum £1000)
  • 0% finance - Spread your treatment costs over 6-10 months with 0% finance.

prices and payment Options

Appointments and Consultations
New Patient Consultation£75
routine Maintenance Examination£45
Tooth Coloured FillingsFrom £89
ExtractionsFrom £121
Root Canal treatment
Anterior Tooth From £450
Posterior Tooth From £550
Hygienist Services
Hygienist Consult/Scale and Polish (New Clients)£88
Maintenance Scale and Polish (Existing Clients)From £59
Periodontal Therapy and deep clean£130/hour
Teeth Whitening
Home Teeth Whitening£295
Enlighten teeth Whitening£395
laser (zoom) Whitening£495
Dental Bonding / Recontouring£250/hour
Gum recontouring / Crown Lengthening£350/hour
Facial Rejuvenation
Dermal FillersFrom £175
BotoxFrom £150
Teeth Straightening
Inman Aligner£1595/Arch
Insvisalign clear alignersFrom £1800
six Month Smiles (Price is for both arches)From £3295
Inlays, Crowns & Veneers
Crowns (Includes all materials)From £590
Bridges Implants and Dentures
BridgesFrom £590
Implants (Excluding Crowns)£1400
Bone Grafts / CT ScansVaries
Acrylic DenturesFrom £569
Chrome DenturesFrom £1195
Valplast 'Flexible' DenturesFrom £1195
Ongoing Care
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