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Dental Crowns 1 - Before

Dental Crowns 1 - After

Dental Crowns 2 - Before

Dental Crowns 2 - After

A Dental Crown is a cap, cover or restoration to replace the missing portion of a tooth.

There are many indications for crowning a tooth. These can be due to aesthetic considerations but most are due to a lack of remaining tooth structure. If a tooth is broken down or heavily filled, the crown is placed to protect the tooth from the high biting forces we exert on our teeth whilst eating.

Not all crowns are the same and we provide gold crowns, porcelain bonded to gold crowns as well as the latest in the metal free alternatives that give truly lifelike results.

The latest advances in porcelain allows light to transmit through the crown, thereby creating a restoration that is undetectable from the other natural teeth in your smile. With the absence of any metal core on the inside of the crown, there will be no more telltale grey lines that are usually seen with the older metal ceramic crowns.

You can find out more about Crowns on Wikipedia.

Inlays, Crowns & Veneers are an inexpensive way of repairing your teeth.

With the modern materials we use there will be no way of spotting your treatments.

Which is the best treatment for me? This depends on the tooth and the degradation of the tooth. During an initial consultation we will recommend an appropriate course of treatment for you

Is there any long term maintenance required? No, however we do recommend a regular dental hygiene appointment to ensure longevity in your treatment as well as regular oral health checks with the dentist.