It’s a Pleasure To Go To The Dentist

What comes to mind when you think of the dentist? Some will feel indifferent, some may experience fear but what about those who think it’s a pleasure?! I know you’re probably laughing right now but there are those people out there who consider going to the dentist a pleasure. Do you know who they are? Our customers, just take a look…

“Just want to say thank you to all of the team at Black Swan. I developed a huge huge fear of the dentist from a previous experience at another practice and you have really helped me get over that fear”
D. Padfield

Black Swan has been different from the very beginning and maybe that is because it was founded by someone who growing up feared the dentist himself. It’s not plain sailing – customers with pre-existing fears and worries don’t walk through the door and feel instantly cured of their phobia, it takes time, patience and understanding but it’s our absolute pleasure to do it.

Friendly staff and an excellent, professional service. Ahmad and his team help put me at ease and make dentistry as enjoyable as it can possibly be. Bravo Black Swan!”

We believe that first and foremost what makes our Dentist experience unique and a pleasure is our staff. We’re so very fortunate to have the wonderful staff that we do from our receptionists to our hygienists to the dentists themselves. It’s of the utmost importance to us that the staff put people at ease from the moment they walk in until the time that they leave.

“I have had the biggest fear of the dentist for years now and friends told me about black swan so I thought I’d see what it’s like and I felt as ease as soon as I walked through the door. The staff are amazing so friendly and understanding and didn’t make me feel bad for not seeing a dentist for so long.”

Of course there aren’t many dental practices that call themselves a spa, however it’s not the name that makes the difference it’s the spa itself. We really try to make the Black Swan experience as similar as possible to a day at the spa…perhaps just a little less swimming!

With the luxurious surroundings, media entertainment, refreshments and treatments on offer all these spa qualities create a relaxed atmosphere which results in a good time for all our customers no matter what the problem is.

“Absolutely fantastic; all the team are so friendly and considerate. I’ve always been a bit nervous of the dentist but no more as I know I’ll be excellently looked after here. Even when having few fillings done (including a rather big deep one) I barely felt a thing and quite happily watched a film whilst it all went on. I just wish I had gone to them sooner, big thank you to all at Black Swan.”

If you have ever worried about going to the dentist, feared it or even just not been interested then perhaps you should consider switching to a Dental Spa and hopefully, it will be a pleasure to visit!

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